green tomato

As I’ve said before, I’m not a very good gardener. Maybe it’s because there’s so much other work to do on our property—I plant, I water, I check things—well, I check things occasionally.

Clearly tomatoes are something that should be checked more frequently.   

Now, my previous growing experience with tomatoes is that my parents grew beefsteaks and I have grown cherry tomatoes in containers. This year I decided to plant directly in the ground (with the exception of one “tumbler” plant that’s in a hanging basket). I bought a couple of plants myself—one cherry, one something bigger—and then friends gave me a few plants. I was kind of vague on what they were, other than that there was something with big tomatoes and something like Romas, good for cooking…

big green tomatoes
These are going to be some kind of beefsteak tomato, I think

So today I thought, well, they’re getting pretty bushy, I guess I should check and see if any of them need fastening up to the tomato cages I put them in, because, y’know, there’s always a branch that gets outside the cage and does its own thing.


grape tomatoes
And these seem to be some kind of grape tomato

They’d grown over the top of the cages, and down to the ground, and started up again.

They are bigger than the raspberry canes. One of the raspberry canes has actually disappeared into the midst of tomato madness. I’m not sure I’ll ever see it again.

cherry tomatoes starting to blush
The cherry tomatoes are turning red—a few are ripe

The cages are 3 and 4 feet tall.

Unfolded, some of these stems would be well over 6 feet tall.

I didn’t know tomatoes GREW that tall.

more green tomatoes
They’re really quite pretty—and there are a lot of them in the shadows when you look closely

Extensive work has been done with gardening velcro and bamboo tripods and cord. They’re mostly off the ground now. The number of green tomatoes on them is kinda scary. But assuming we get enough sun for them to ripen (our hot spell has turned into a cold cloudy and sometimes damp spell)…

ripe cherry tomato

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  1. It seems you ARE a good Gardener.

    I have a great recipe for Green Tomato Mincemeat. There’s no meat in this recipe but there are sultanas….

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