Not a jade plant

something vaguely like a jade plant, but not

Many years ago (we won’t say exactly when, but it was a loooooonnnnnnng time ago) I was a college student, living with roommates. We acquired a few plants to cheer up our apartment. I got one that had leaves something like a jade plant, except that they were much smaller (1/4 inch long) and grew in densely packed rosettes. It actually bloomed once, producing pretty yellow flowers, before I managed to kill it (I have a tendancy to forget to water things, some day I’ll tell the story of the pomelo that turned into a bonsai because of that little problem). But I hadn’t made a note of what it was when I bought it, and although I wanted to get another one I was never able to identify it, so I was never able to get a replacement. (Garden stores kept offering me jade plants. No.)

At any rate, all those years later when we bought the house we now live in, it came with a wee rock garden. Imagine my delight when I realized that this little plant was tucked into a corner between a couple of rocks!

(But I still don’t know what it is.)


4 thoughts on “Not a jade plant

    1. That’s probably exactly what it is, although this has yet to blossom (I don’t think the location gets enough sun to satisfy it). Thanks!

  1. Nice shot, I like the lighting on the leaves.

    It looks like a sedum to me as well, but you can’t rely on my identifications for anything…

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