Oh, the horror…

plant seedhead with burrs clutching each other

I’m not sure what this is—other than it’s going to involve burrs, and possibly a lot of dog-brushing—but I am irresistably reminded of descriptions of distressed Victorian ladies throwing their skirts over their heads in horror about something.


4 thoughts on “Oh, the horror…

  1. I really like this shot – the depth of field is perfect. I like the plant too (but then I don’t own a dog). I took some pictures of one like this last fall when it had gone all dry and brown – they have a fascinating structure, as if designed to distribute the seeds in a parsimonious way for wider coverage or something.

    1. Thanks! These structures really are fascinating, aren’t they? You never know when they’re designed to explode. It looks like this has folded up after blooming in preparation for such an event.

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