A little violet, or something

small purple flower

Another plant popping up in the middle of things, for no apparent reason.

UPDATE: a couple more pictures for identification purposes.

purple flower front view

purple flower side view

UPDATE NUMBER 2: I figured out what it is. I was thinking, “It’s such an intense colour, the only time I’ve seen that shade of blue-purple— Oh.” So I looked it up. It’s an escapee from one of last year’s hanging baskets, or at least a seed must have escaped. I didn’t recognize it because I haven’t seen it as one tiny, spindly stalk before, just en masse.

It’s lobelia.


2 thoughts on “A little violet, or something

  1. To me this is Larkspur. There are many different kinds of Larkspur I can’t tell you what yours is but they are pretty much have the same basic shape and the colors are almost always different shades of purple to pinks.

    1. I don’t think it’s larkspur—the books I looked at all insisted that that has a lobed leaf and a spur on the flower, neither of which this has. This has a much simpler leaf, with a bit of tooth. The whole plant is about 3 inches high and as you can see the flowers are very small.

      I’ve added a couple of pix that show the structure better. So far I haven’t been able to find it in field guides, which could mean that it’s a domesticated plant or that it’s a non-native “wildflower” from a seedpacket.

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