The most amazing leaves

closeup of multi-coloured leaves 1

We have (yet another) mystery plant in our yard. I thought it might be some kind of bergenia, but the leaves don’t seem to be right—they’re distinctly palmate, and the photos I’ve seen of bergenia leaves are distinctly not. In the spring it sends up tall stalks from its corms with sprays of lovely pinkish flowers—not a leaf in sight at that point— and then the flowers die back and eventually the leaves grow. It’s a big plant, the leaves are as big as those of the gunnera next to it (in fact, overall, the plant is bigger than the gunnera) and it stands three to four feet high.

And in the autumn, this is what the leaves do. 

closeup of multi-coloured leaves 2

Overall, I don’t care what it is, as long as it keeps doing what it’s doing.

closeup of multi-coloured leaves 3

closeup of multi-coloured leaves 4

closeup of multi-coloured leaves 5
And this is what it looks like when you back up a bit.

10 thoughts on “The most amazing leaves

    1. You’re very welcome—I’m glad you like them. I should imagine that the colours and patterns would translate exquisitely into fabric patterns or patchwork.

  1. The first one is my favorite it looks like a patch quilt.
    The third one reminds me of a lizards skin.

    1. Yes, the first is my favourite too. And yes to the lizard skin—hm, wonder if I could get some lizards to hang out in that plant?

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