closeup of cherry tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes are like candy.

We’ve had an extraordinarily dry run for the last couple of months—only 1/10th of normal rainfall. While this causes a lot of problems (we just had to buy another load of water for our cistern, as we rely mostly on rainwater collection for our needs, plus the dryness raises the spectre of forest fires) it does make our tomatoes happy.

oval cherry tomatoes
I bought a couple of plants this year, and friends gave us some, including these, which are oval in shape and have a much more magenta shade than the cherry tomatoes I’m used to. I hope there’s a label with this plant, when I go to dig the remains out, so I can find them again—these are GOOD.


Usually, because we don’t get nearly enough sunshine in our yard, our tomatoes are late to produce, and then fall comes, and the rain, before much of the fruit has ripened. But this year, it’s been dry and sunny, and apparently that’s going to keep going for a while. So I’ve been able to stuff myself with them for several weeks and although they’re not ripening so fast now that it’s colder, we might actually get a feed of beefsteaks. I’m a very happy camper, on that front.

every shade of tomato from green to red
Lots more still to ripen—go, little plant, go!

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