Tiny seasonal projectiles

garry oak acorn

The garry oaks down at Drumbeg Park are dropping their acorns now, all along the sandstone shelves where beachwalkers walk.

acorns under water, with tiny hermit crab on top of one

Some end up in unexpected places—they’re certainly not a traditional tidepool species. (And yes, that would be a hermit crab exploring this strange intruder.)

4 thoughts on “Tiny seasonal projectiles

  1. It took me a minute to realize the picture as acorn, I though it was a squash. The bounty of acorns in my yard please the squirrels but make walking a little dangerous. Great snaps.

    1. Thanks! Hah—it does look like a squash, I hadn’t thought of that. On the beach they’re fairly easy to see, so less hazardous than in grass in that sense… but I must admit I was somewhat worried about getting hit from above. I wonder if the squirrels come down onto the sandstone to get them?

  2. That is such a tiny hermit crab. I wouldn’t have realised how small if that pippy wasn’t there, for scale. Great find and wonderful photos. ;oD

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