Thanks loads, guys.

Here in Canada this is Thanksgiving weekend, so lots of socializing, eating too much, relaxing…

Well, maybe not relaxing. Someone on the street behind us (i.e. not really very far away at all) chose today to start drilling a well. This required a pile driver. So much for the plan of sitting out in our yard and enjoying our time off.

It ran from 11 am till 4 pm.

I rarely get to spend weekends at home, much less holiday weekends, and on top of that I’ve had a migraine for three days, so perhaps I’m less inclined to charity today than some might be. And more inclined to escalating bad language and (literal) cursing. But really—a holiday weekend?

Relaxing. Yeah.


5 thoughts on “Thanks loads, guys.

  1. Someone else told me today that it will probably take about 2 weeks to drill this well…I was surprised that they would even consider starting on Thanksgiving Day, that is pretty ignorant.
    It was pretty bad here too, I can’t imagine how bad it must have been with a migraine, I hope your headache is subsiding.

      1. I know, 2 weeks of that obnoxious noise …. well you can always hope that all they get is a $10,000 hole in the ground, like some others around here who have tried to drill for water! :)

  2. See, you should have stayed in the city, with the road work that has been going on for the past month all finished, it was quiet this weekend. ;-) Hope the migraine has subsided. I’m thinking I’m going to get one at the end of this week when the low pressure finally returns to the coast on Friday. Sigh. Maybe I’ll escape that torment this time for some reason….can only hope.

    1. Heh… well, I’ll be back in the city soon enough, so I’ll get a bit of a break at least. I hope you evade the dreaded migraine when the rains start—and I hope I do, too.

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