I guess someone doesn’t like raccoons

raccoon tail

I left out most of this photo.

I figured most people wouldn’t really want to look at a picture of three small, very dead raccoons, dumped together near a walking trail. I didn’t much like looking at the real thing.

I don’t know how they were killed, but it was pretty obvious that they had been killed, and the bodies dumped. Based on their size I’d guess they were either a set of this year’s kits or a set of yearlings.

Raccoons can be a nuisance in some ways, though I have to say that their presence on our property has never caused any problems, and I suppose some people see them as vermin that are fair game. But why dump them in plain view by a frequently-used walking trail that cuts between a residential area and a main road? Especially when there was a perfectly good forest a few feet further along. That’s what I find really weird.


8 thoughts on “I guess someone doesn’t like raccoons

  1. That’s very sad & slightly scary. I don’t mind the raccoons too much, although they can be a real bother when they get into your attic etc. Sorry you had to see that, really inconsiderate of someone to leave that for people to see.

  2. This is when a dislike button really comes into its own – how can I say I like this? Though the shot is interesting and just the right amount of dead raccoon for your readers.

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