Early morning

sunrise over the ocean
Looking east

On the days when I travel back from the big city to come home, I get up early—these days that means 4:30 am, well before dawn. Or, as my friend Anna says, “At sparrowfart.” First there is pouring coffee into myself, then a drive to the ferry, park the car, walk on as a foot passenger. Get off the ferry on the other side, walk (if the weather isn’t appalling) four kilometers to the Other Ferry, get on and then off that one, and walk another twenty-five minutes to get home. If the weather is dreadful or I’m extra tired or I could save an hour by doing so, I’ll take a cab instead of walking on one or both of the self-propelled stretches.

The actual travel time normally takes about 5 hours. But getting up at 4:30 gets me home by 10:30, and that leaves me with most of the day here, so it’s worth it. (Usually worth it—though after a relatively late night carousing moderately with old friends—dinner! wine! and truly wonderful carrot cake!—that premise is slightly more dubious.)

But at this time of year, leaving that early also means I get to watch the sun rise while at sea. It wasn’t exactly a sunrise today, given the amount of cloud, but it was still pretty damn nice.

stormclouds over the ocean
Looking west

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