Autumn fogs

golden retriever standing in calm ocean, fog in background
Our Dog doesn’t care if it’s foggy—as long as there’s water to stand in.

One of the things I love about autumn on the west coast is the fogs. Oh, they can make the days dull and grey, but they also leave everything festively strewn with tiny glorious glittering drops. And when you get both sun and fog—well.  

looking south to a fogbank in the channel
Looking south from Drumbeg Park

This is the first we saw of it—fog rolling in from the south.

fog getting closer
Closer and closer…

Eventually the bank slid up the channel beside us. Amazing effects of light on water. And sea lions grunting and grumbling through it.

Light on water making the fog glow

fog and reflections of trees


4 thoughts on “Autumn fogs

  1. Don’t you just love living here?? This is just one of the reasons, I too love the fog, especially when we get the fog horns in the channel. Great photos, especially the last 2! Love the dog!

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