Fun with fungi

red mushroom cap in moss
A wee red mushroom just peeking out of the moss.

It was a soggy day for walking in the woods, but that brings out the fungus. This is a sampling of various fungal/licheny finds.  

cup lichen with nesting cups

This is some kind of cup lichen (Cladonia spp, I assume). I see cup lichens of this sort all the time, but I haven’t noticed one with these little internal structures in the cup.

cup lichen

More pedestrian cup lichens.

Spathularia flavida

And finally, this is the oddest fungus I’ve seen in a while: Spathularia flavida (commonly called yellow earth tongue, yellow fan, fairy fan). There’s an obvious connection to “spatula” in the name. I couldn’t get a very good shot—my camera didn’t want to focus on it—but here’s a great photo of it. (There are more great resources on that site if you’re into identifying fungi.)


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