First whine of the year.

view with light patch in clouds
Yeah, this is sunshine. Right.

(Written early in the morning, posted later.)

This Christmas break gave me a little over two weeks at home and a fair amount of spare time. This is a big thing for me, as my schedule is such that most of the time I only get two or three days home a week, and they’re still working days.

When I’m at home for an extended period I bring the car home, which is also a big thing, as it normally resides in the Big City where I work the rest of the time. Mostly at home we must get around on foot or via an electric scooter. When the car is home we can go a lot more places, and take the dog (a scooter obviously being unable to transport two large people and a golden retriever).

Having gotten a new camera a month or so ago, I’d been looking forward to having two weeks to explore its functionality. Two weeks of being able to go to places not available without a car. Two weeks to taken pictures of winter sun, and frost, and ice on puddles.

So what did I get?

Rain. Grey, damp, cloudy, dark days. One day of slushy snow that was neither particularly pretty nor pleasant to walk in (the walking was more like wading). Mud. Mud around us, mud on us, mud on Our Dog. If there’s been sun there’s been so little that I can’t remember it.

And day after day, the forecast cheerily said, “sun tomorrow!” or “sun the day after tomorrow!”

But the photo at the top, taken yesterday (yes, sun had been predicted yet again) is about as good as we ever got.

The constant greyness has been incredibly depressing from a creative standpoint. I found that there are only so many dull, grey pictures of water dripping from things, shot in inadequate light, that I wanted to take. Eventually I pretty much stopped taking pictures at all—I would take the camera on walks, but hardly ever saw anything that seemed worth photographing. I’m not normally subject to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), but this winter seems different—are our winters always this GREY?

And then I got up this morning, and guess what? Perfectly clear, sunny, and cold. Frost on the foliage, and no doubt ice on puddles as well.

ferry lineup
The ferry lineup

And I’m in a car on a ferry heading back to the Big City. From the last time off I’ll have till next Christmas.

I am so pissed.

Okay, that’s off my chest. Now here’s a pretty picture to make up for it. If I can’t take pictures of frost on leaves at least I can take a picture of sunlight through a grating.

sunshine through a grating


6 thoughts on “First whine of the year.

  1. Ha, I hear you! Wouldn’t mind some of that cold and snow down here though. We’re now in mid-summer and were struggling through a heatwave during the same period. Which I find just as depressing.

    1. Ha—if I was there, I’d be whining even harder about the heat! I find it much more debilitating than cold. At least when it’s cold you can add layers. There’s only so much one can take off and still go out in public (in most places, anyway).

  2. There, there – just think, it could have snowed the whole time you were home and you could have been shoveling the stuff. “Always look on the bright side of Life” as Monty Python would say (even if the sun ain’t shining). Sorry just couldn’t resist. Have a Happy New Year (mostly in the city) and I, for one, am glad you’re back here :-)

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