What’s this?

disturbance on surface of ocean

What’s that, off in the distance, disturbing the surface of the ocean?


That’s what it is! A big pod of Pacific white-sided dolphins, presumably hunting. As the ferry approached a number peeled off and aimed to intercept. I guess they wanted to play in the turbulence of the ferry’s passing.

back end of a dolphin

And a closeup. Okay, it’s of the back end of a dolphin, which isn’t the most interesting part, but I have to say they fall into the “hard to photograph” category, at least for me and the CoolPix, which has only a fake “telephoto” setting and a shutter delay. Not to mention that they were moving fast and it wasn’t a bright day, so my shutter speed was a bit too low. Overall I was pleased to get even a fuzzy shot of dolphinbutt—all the other closeups showed disturbances on the water, where a dolphin had been, in fascinating detail.

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