Pond bubbles in clear ice

pond bubbles in clear ice on a dark pond

16 thoughts on “Pond bubbles in clear ice

    1. Heh—I kinda thought you might! I’ve been longing for ice to photograph. I’m jealous of yours, we never stay cold enough long enough to get those kinds of delights.

      1. Hey, I’m so glad that my comment came through. Yesterday when I was typing, the comments weren’t showing up! So, I may have entered a couple of things twice. (Feel free to delete if I did.)

        Anyway, yeah, the ice in Maine is fantastic. But you’re getting some good stuff, too!

    1. Skadhu, I’ve had to yank a bunch of comments for my blog out of my spam folder as well, must be some kind of island glitch!

  1. I’ve always said your photo’s were of the up most excellence. But you’ve out did your self this time. this is beautiful I can picture it as a jigsaw puzzle. There are places out there can and will for a prices turn it into one if you are inclined to do so. I promise if you do I would by it or one depending on how many you have made.
    Keep up the great work.

    1. Just that if there were a lot of small pieces, some of them would be awfully alike, especially in the dark areas—no little visual clues for what connects to what. The kind of jigsaw that drive people mad!

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