Uh, oh.

rhododendron buds

Okay, rhodos bloom early, but not this early. This is January. In Canada. A warm part of Canada, granted, but still.

Sheesh. This winter has totally sucked as far as being winter goes.


4 thoughts on “Uh, oh.

  1. The last line is correct, the winter weather sucks….. I had to weed today, two hours in the garden & there is still lots to do.
    I don’t think we should complain too much though, the rest of Canada may smack us upside the head! :)

    1. It’s Very, Very Wrong when you have to weed in winter. I noticed a garden plot today and realized the weeds were all sprouting—the horror!

      I spent many young formative years in the far north. Consequently I’d rather have snow (which also usually is accompanied by extended patches of sunny days) than constant rain and endless greyness. And to be honest, I’d rather shovel it than squelch.

    1. I live on the south west coast, so yes, there’s a significant difference. You can get a sense of how much from this Wikipedia page—I don’t live in Vancouver, but those temps would pretty much apply. As you can see, it’s neither as hot nor cold as most other cities—overall it’s very temperate on the southwest coast. Most of the time I appreciate this, but in winter I’m happier if there’s at least some snow, and ice on puddles to photograph. We’ve hardly had either this winter.

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