Hello, kitty. And kitty.

cat eyes

When our best-beloved kitty Skooks died last year we knew we’d get another cat eventually. And yesterday we took custody of not one, but two.

The male is all black. The female is mostly black. It’s kind of hard to take a picture of a black cat when it’s hiding between wall and desk, but as you can see even a little white helps.

cat in small space between wall and desk

They’re not young kittens, they’re about six months old. They’ll be a bit of a challenge as they’ve been rescued by a charity called Cats Alive! from a cat hoarder, so although they’re not feral, it’s safe to say that they’re somewhat wild. It’s going to take some time to get them comfortable with living with us (not to mention Our Dog). But on the bright side, although they are very nervous of us, the male purred today when I put my hand into the hiding place and stroked him. And the female didn’t hiss the last time I petted her, she seemed to be getting the idea that neck skritches might not be such a bad thing.

Keep your fingers crosse for us! It’ll take time, but I think we’ll end up with a couple of really lovely cats. Now we just have to agree on names. (Though with luck, they’ll tell us what those are.)


13 thoughts on “Hello, kitty. And kitty.

  1. They look great! I hope they are the purrfect fit & that they get along with “Dog” Love the first shot of just the eyes!

  2. Ah, of course they will love you folks! I hope to find a new feline companion sometime this spring as well. Spunkin has been sticking to me like glue, what with her two other close companions passing within three months of each other. Well, I am kind of sticking close to her as well.

    1. Heh. It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve had a kitten in the house, as the last one was rescued as a young adult. And the memory of the tumour she had when we got her seemed to inhibit her inclination for jumping and climbing. I’m taking a new look at our home and thinking, uh oh, maybe not so out of reach as I thought…

  3. So what new antics are the pair up to? I highly recommend the playability of twice, still curly from the ball, as it is great to go cat fishing with.

    1. They are CLIMBING. Or possibly JUMPING. I had forgotten that kittens aim high. In the middle of the night, bringing down three jigsaw puzzles stacked on the top of the six foot bookshelf with an enormous crash. (Luckily the boxes didn’t open.)

  4. Well, thank goodness there are no books over the bed!!! I’ve been looking, but no compatible kittens so far. Glad that spring is coming when more kittens will be available.

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