Prepare yourselves.

You know what happens when someone gets a new pet, right? If one likes taking pictures? Well, the onslaught is about to begin. The only thing that’s delayed it has been the panicked reaction

cat with alarmed expression
OMG the monsters are here again

that sends them diving for cover in unphotogenic locations.

cat hiding under armchair

But now overall they’ve begun to relax, sometimes even when someone shoves a camera near them. And they’ve told us their names. So, without further ado, may I introduce

2 cats snuggling together
Pipkin and Bird

This one, the female, is Pipkin: she’s sort of named after a medieval cooking pot. (Really.)

black and white cat
Toes? I know nothing about anyone else’s toes.

(She doesn’t usually have such a regal expression, she’s usually a lot more elongated.)

And here’s the male, known as Bird (or PurrBird, or Little Bird, though we suspect he’ll grow into a Big Bird). He trills, hence the name.

black cat
Who are YOU lookin’ at?

They think we’re pretty good for snuggles and scritches, though they still have to be hauled out of hiding places to receive them a lot of the time—they’re still pretty skittish. But they’re getting there. They’ve (eventually) accepted our apologies for bringing Our Dog into their room, which we started to do yesterday—now THAT’s going to take a bit more time.

Bird likes to play with fingers, and nibble them. (So far, gently, thank heavens. Though if we keep bringing the dog in…)

black cat playing with a finger


8 thoughts on “Prepare yourselves.

  1. I love Pipkin (or is it Pipken?) and Bird. I am so pleased that they are realizing that you are to be trusted. Debra

    1. We are very pleased too! The trust is intermittent, but definitely strengthening. We think they’ve been making great progress, all things considered. (And—ahem—it’s absolutely Pipkin.)

  2. They look great!! Hopefully they will grow to love dog as much as everyone else does. He is such a goof though!! :)

  3. wow, they are so adorable ^ – ^ silky hair,cute faces…happy to know that everything is turning better , they will love you guys for sure (but really owning them is kind of a dream :l <— my case ) !

    1. They are pretty cute! You’re right, having them is a dream (except when they get into trouble, of course)—there have only been a few years in my life when I haven’t lived with cats. I hope your dream comes true!

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