A good start


I have come to like gardening a lot, but our yard doesn’t get nearly enough sun for much success with many plants. Given that most of the things I want to grow seem to require a lot of sun (tomatoes!), this can be a wee bit of a problem.

However, garlic does seem to do well, perhaps because it gets a head start on everything before the leaves start shading things too much, having been planted in the fall. At any rate, the garlic is doing well! This year we might have almost enough. Almost.

new rhubarb shoots

And this may not be exciting to some people, but it is to me. I love rhubarb, and I keep (unsuccessfully) trying to grow it. I got a plant a couple of years ago and then kept forgetting to water it. Oops. The wee thing just keeled over and that was that. But last year the root tried again, so I transplanted it into a sunnier and more frequently watered spot. It did quite well, if one allows for the shock it had at being moved. I didn’t harvest anything, as it wasn’t terribly bushy and I’d read one should leave it alone for a year after transplanting to strengthen the roots.

But this year… well, it’s on its way. I have hopes! Though maybe not enough sun for a really great crop. But every bit counts, when it comes to rhubarb.


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