I had forgotten

cartoon of cat on sleeping person

Kitty update: we’ve opened the doors to the room. They can now go wherever they want, with the exception of the section of the house with my office and archives, as it hasn’t yet been cat-proofed. Last night I arrived home after being in The City and realized that I had forgotten a few things.

I had forgotten that adolescent cats wake up right when I’m going to bed.

I had forgotten that shy young cats that barely move during the day become cheetahs at night, and that every surface, including myself, is a highway.

I had forgotten that anything that moves under bedcovers is a target. (My feet are thanking gawd it’s still cold at night and there’s a lot of bedcovers.)

I had forgotten that young cats can and will pull a bedroom apart, discarding unseen-in-the-dark booby-traps for those taking midnight excursions to the bathroom.

I had forgotten that young cats will not stop until they have achieved their goals, even if those goals are extracting a packet of tissues from the inside pocket of a folded-up fleece jacket. (I had to hang it up.)

I had forgotten what it’s like to have one cat discover how to mole under bedcovers when another cat is sitting on the outside of the bedcovers.

I had forgotten how noisy and revolting a cat can be when sitting on you in the middle of the night enthusiastically cleaning its bits.

I had forgotten that young cats come and tell you when it’s time to get up and feed them… and I had forgotten that this time is much earlier than the alarm is set for.

I had forgotten how delightful young cats are.


4 thoughts on “I had forgotten

  1. Oh dear, sounds like you need to set up a exercise routine for the little creatures – to be done during the day. No sleeping, boot camp for kitties. Then they too will sleep at night. Wha d’ya think?

  2. I love this, Nola. When they were in the room under our room, we thought there was a judo tournament going on with all the thumping and banging.

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