Spring things

flowers on a hedgy thing

…like flowers!


4 thoughts on “Spring things

  1. Are these really growing in your garden? I have been communicating with my sister who lives near Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. She hasn’t been able to get out of her driveway for two days to go to work. I don’t know why more baby boomers who live in the frigid provinces don’t move this way to enjoy the weather here. But, then, we have a vested interest in them doing this since we are really wanting to sell one of our two houses, or both. Did I send you this?



    1. They’re actually growing on. walkway near the Nanaimo ferry terminal where I was killing timeā€”our garden isn’t quite that far along. But it’s true that on the wet coast we’ve got it good next to many. Good luck with selling a house!

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