The last batch

Amphitrite Point lighthouse

This is the last set of pictures from the trip to the west coast of Vancouver Island—the odds and ends. This first one is the lighthouse at Amphitrite Point—spectacular in a storm, but not too shabby on a sunny day either. (I just discovered there’s a live webcam of this lighthouse, now there’s something to bring up on a story day!)

anenome on rocks

Found this anemone on the rocks by the lighthouse; they’re not quite as barren as they look.


There was paintbrush lurking in crevices on the same rocks.

pool on rock

Reflections of—well, something vegetative—in a pool on a rocky outcropping at a different location along the shore.

sea stars at low tide

A bunch of chubby sea stars, from an entirely different day (this one sneaked in from Long Beach).

mossy tree

Moss! On a tree.

light on a stump

And light. On a stump.

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