Birdie leaves

vvery new leaves on a maple

This is a photo from a couple of weeks ago when one of the maples in the front yard was just putting out new leaves. I was startled by how much the pairs with the sheathes looked like little birds, all alert and ready to fly.

4 thoughts on “Birdie leaves

  1. I thought this was going to be a photo of Bird, the cat, with his bags packed. Thank goodness it wasn’t.

    1. LOL—sorry for the shock! Both cats are doing well, very well adjusted to us, though they still freak out entirely when anyone else is around. But Bird has gotten so brave that he’ll come right up to Our Dog when he’s lying down and sniff his nose and occasionally nibble a paw. (Not quite brave enough to play, though, he doesn’t like it when Dog stands up.)

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