Streaky mystery

beach scene

There’s nothing particularly unusual about this picture, it’s just another a scenic beach shot. But when I looked at the photo, what caught my eye were those streaky light effects in the shadow behind the sandstone formation. Now I’ve had light effects appear on shots in the past, they tend to happen when the angle of camera lens is in a particular relationship to the angle of the sun—but I can’t account for the light streaks only appearing in the shadow. That’s a new one on me.

2 thoughts on “Streaky mystery

  1. There’s no question that those streaky lines are a form of lens flare. You can read up on the geeky detail at the Wikipedia article here:
    You can see similar examples in that article in which the flare artifacts are especially visible in the darker parts of the image; for example,

    The reason is relatively simple: the intensity of the flare is less than the intensity of the image in its brighter elements, and stronger than the intensity of the image in its darkest elements. Since the way we see brightness is on a nearly logarithmic scale, the brightest elements will be much brighter than the flare, washing out almost completely. In the darkest parts of the scene, the flare will be much brighter, and will overwhelm the light from the scene there.

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