Wild roses

wild rose, Rosa nutkana

One of my favourite flowers—to be honest, I much prefer wild roses to the cultivated varieties. This is a Rosa nutkana, found in the 707 community park.

A wee Rosa gymnocarpa appeared in our yard last year (likely it was there before but it’s a weedy bit so it could easily go unnoticed—and this year, having reached the grand height of 18 inches, it has put out some tiny blooms. I am overcome with delight. I am also hoping I never need to transplant it, as it has a LOT of prickles.


2 thoughts on “Wild roses

  1. I really like the wild roses too, along with the very simple old fashioned cultivars. But the thorns! Nothing like a thicket of these guys with some other spiky natives to make for a real challenge when bushwacking.

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