Oo, shiny!

When you see something new and cool does your monkey brain want to grab it? Or your inner jackdaw, or whatever it is? Mine does. But I think I must have at least two inner jackdaws, judging by my reactions recently, and they’re polar opposites in their desires.

mac pro

Well, first there was the predictable one. Given that my existing computer is almost 7 years old and can’t run the latest operating system or software, that’s not surprising. But I must say I was astonished by the strength of the “GIMME!” reflex. The trick will be making the old system last until (a) this is actually available and (b) I can find out whether it’s actually bug-ridden and/or ridiculously over-priced.

old rotary phone

But this one was less predictable. We got it for $3.50 at the local recycling organization, unplugged one of our digital phones, and plugged it in. It works just fine. The receiver balances on your shoulder when you need to do something with both hands. It makes the right noises when you dial and when it rings.

Some GIMME! relexes are cheaper than others.


4 thoughts on “Oo, shiny!

  1. Sounds like a serious case of raven-eyes to me! That phone, it will work when the power goes out. Really. Unless the telephone lines are down and not just the power lines. Doesn’t apply to the first item though. I could not even view the ad properly on my computer – I need one of those too. For rendering timelapses. That is my excuse.

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