Threatening weather

ocean and storm clouds over land

It’s been raining quite a bit over the last couple of days, doesn’t feel like summer at all. It rained this morning, then seemed to clear in the afternoon, so I grabbed Our Dog and headed down to the beach.

Well of course, by the time I’d gotten out to the lowest low tide point, way out on the flats, the rain was back. And me with no rainjacket, silly optimist that I am.

Oh well. I ignored it, except for cursing that the wind was driving it against exactly the direction I wanted to take pictures into. After a bit it let up, and actually brightened up, but there was more coming, as is clear in this photo. So we headed back in before the next burst hit.

A nice excursion, all in all.

2 thoughts on “Threatening weather

  1. Not summer like at all – chilly and wet. But photography in the rain can produce very satisfying results.These clouds, for instance.

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