Perhaps we need to invest in a safe.

toothmarks on plastic container

See those marks? Those are toothmarks.

We have these cats, see, that were semi-feral when rescued. I suppose that this accounts in some way for their eating habits. Pipkin is a dainty astonishingly picky eater, but Bird is a ravening stomach on paws. He never gets enough to eat, ever. He tries to shove Pip away from her food if at all possible. He always wants to eat. He’s a big cat and clearly determined to get bigger in all dimensions.

He isn’t fussy about what kind of food, or whose. When we realized that plastic bags were not enough protection for the dog treats, we started putting them in plastic tubs. That’s worked fine—till today. Today I noticed this tub where it shouldn’t be. This is the tub with the dehydrated liver treats. It was still closed, but it has a lovely pattern of teeth marks on the top, on the sides, and even on the bottom.

Oh… and it wasn’t in the kitchen, on the counter where we keep the dog treats. It was on the far side of the living room. I wonder what else he’s been carrying off?


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