After a couple of days in the Big City I came home to find the box of cookies in my office had been hauled down and the cellophane package inside had been dragged out. I’m not sure if they actually got any cookies, but I’m not inclined to experiment with what is likely to have feline toothmarks. (Ew.) So into the trash. Sigh. 

Then this morning I heard a rattle and skitter from behind me as I was working at my computer. Someone had dropped something in a particularly noisy fashion and, spooked, bolted out of the room. So I went to see what had been dropped. 

cord with identity card and flash drives

They were making off with my faculty card and thumb drives. 

I swear, Genghis Khan had nothing on these guys with regard to pillaging. 


2 thoughts on “Vandals

    1. LOL! They certainly are. A wee Someone has been particularly persistent this morning at indicating that She. Must. Have. Attention. NOW!!!

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