Spider season

spiderweb photographed against the sun

Tis the season to marvel at their beauty—and walk all paths with a hand or some other implement in front of one’s face.


6 thoughts on “Spider season

  1. The silk does break, eventually. And then the wonder, did I give the spider enough time to flee ? Good thing they are cleaning up some of those other bugs !

    1. Ha! With some of the spiders and in these quantities one begins to wonder about the breaking… and really, there’s nothing like the excitement of figuring out whether the spider dropped off to the ground or down the neck of your shirt…

  2. I carefully avoided one today, only to walk into 2 others in my garden. Frantically trying to get the spider hanging off my hat brim from bashing into my face. Ugh!! I then saw the one I had avoided trussing up a honey bee – NOoooo! Ah well ain’t nature grand?? Great photo BTW.

    1. Thanks! At this time of year I’m conditioned to walking with one arm raised in front of me. I suspect I look like a member of some esoteric sect, bestowing blessings.

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