With dog for scale

squash vine climbing over fence

I’ve tried planting squash in the garden a couple of times, but never had much luck; they seem to want more sun than this garden gets. But ever the optimist, I keep trying. This summer I planted summer squash. This is a kind I’ve never actually eaten before, much less grown. So I didn’t know what to expect.

What I didn’t expect was a zucchini crossed with the Eggplant That Ate Chicago.

I also planted a ground cherry (and the seller didn’t warn me about that, either). They’re side by side and seem to regard the garden as a botanical Coliseum for no holds barred combat. They both keep GROWING.

The squash plant produced two 18 inch long squashes before we quite noticed. (It’s dense under those leaves.) Since then I’ve been patrolling for new invaders fruit regularly, and have managed to head them off before their size exploded. But I swear, the one showing in this picture was only 3 inches long and half an inch in diameter 5 days ago. Sheesh. And then there are the dozens of blooms and baby squashes all over it…

And it’s not as if they taste wonderful.

As you can see, the squash made its way out of the raised bed, and across the walkway, and up the fence, and is now on its way down the fence. God knows where it will stop. I’m sharpening the machete.

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