Foot goes for a excursion

foot looming in front of beautiful scenery
Yes, that hulking thing is in fact a Foot, in a nice down bootie because at the moment it won’t fit into a shoe.

Having been more or less trapped inside for two weeks, yesterday I whined and whinged and basically said MUST GET OUTSIDE NOW until Peri agreed. So I hobbled to the car and we drove down to a rather nice park with lovely views. And then took what is normally less than a 5 minute walk.

When you are on crutches and can only put half your weight on your broken foot, a park trail full of roots and gravel and suchlike takes considerably longer. But I made it to the lookout and the view.

Eventually it was Made Known to me that we were not going to spend all bloody day out in sub-zero temperatures, even if it was sunny, and I hobbled back to the car.

Today Foot isn’t sure it really appreciated the extra workout. But my sanity sure did.

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