Christmas lights

out of focus sunlit droplets

Actually, dewdrops on the wee Japanese maple, catching the sunlight. But appropriately seasonal lights nonetheless.

And here’s wishing the light and love of the season to you and yours.

droplet on twig 1
Like a light on a string
droplet on pine needles
Okay, this one wasn’t on the maple… but it’s still part of the lights round our yard.
droplet on twig 2
Better than a LED.
droplet on twig 3
Stars… or moon?

2 thoughts on “Christmas lights

  1. Skadhu – these are wonderful, especially the top one. Good way to make use of all the rain we have been getting! Happy holidays to you and yours.

    1. Just catching up with comments that for some reason were filtered into spam…

      Thank you! One has to find a way to make use of rain or go crazy round here, as I’m sure you know…

      And all the best to you and yours as well!

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