The morning meltdown

I swear this is going to shorten my life.

This morning I spent 4 hours on marking students. I saved periodically as I went. These were just notes, no formatting other than bolding names for clarity and colouring a couple of bits of text I wanted to remember to update.

When I finished writing my marking notes, I saved the file. Then I reorganized them into alphabetical order. Then just to be on the safe side, I did a “save as” with a new file name.

What did Word do?

It took all the text and randomly rearranged it.

It converted approximately a third of the text into Chinese, again, randomly.

It converted another third into the squares that represent characters not available in a font.

It refused to undo.

It refused to allow me to open the original file—it apparently thought that the two files were the same file.

After the instantaneous meltdown that this caused in my brain, I tried to open the file in TextEdit. To my great relief, TextEdit had no problems, all was as it should be—unlike Word, TextEdit is a program that actually works properly.

I rebooted Word and got my files back, as they should be. But I’m not particularly soothed by this recovery, because this encounter with disaster is consistent with my experience with Word for decades. If it was a one-off I’d cut it some slack, but Word’s general level of fuckup (this is a program that can’t cope if I ask it to do tasks too quickly) is higher than that of any software I’ve ever encountered.

I am beyond the usual epithets. Seriously. Have you ever heard of such a pathetic excuse for a program as this?


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