Snow in the forecast

slough, ice, just a hint of sun on treetops
Yow! Chilly!

Snow is in the forecast for tonight, and then freezing rain, well, actually the forecasters are being a little vague. There’s precipitation coming into a cold front that’s been sitting over us, and then almost immediately it’s going to warm up, and who knows what will happen? seems to be the refrain.

I don’t have to drive anywhere tomorrow, so if it snows I’ll happily take pictures. But meanwhile, snow from a few days ago. These pictures of the slough on our property were taken early, before the sun had cleared the trees.

ice on slough, snowy reflections, golden reflection of treetops
A little more of that warm golden glow…
sky and cloud reflections in slough, snow on bushes
I love the colours of snow and cold sky.


2 thoughts on “Snow in the forecast

  1. The beauty you have captured in your photos creates an aesthetic paradox for me.
    If one really finds something to be beautiful should one want it to disappear as soon as possible?

    1. Ha! I think it all depends on how hard the aesthetic sensibilities collide with practical sensibilities such as omg-I’m-gonna-die-if-I-take-my-car-out-in-this.

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