Floating plum petals

floating plum blossom petals 1

Over the last few days I’ve been doing a bit of gutter cleaning—up a ladder, claw out the glop, down the ladder, move it along a few feet, repeat. It’s a slow process as I only do a bit at a time, and eventually we’ll have to get the pros in to deal with the parts our ladder can’t reach.

At any rate, the ornamental plum had sent some branches over the roof, so I decided to prune them back while I was at it. This led to some rather ornamental unattached branches, so I hauled them in and found a nice vase. Before bed I moved the arrangement into a secure room (because kitties). I didn’t notice that shifting them had caused the stems to come out of the water, and in the morning, well, plum blossoms are pretty transitory when they’re not nourished.

However, the ones that fell into the vase water were awfully pretty.

floating plum blossom petals 2


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