Sometimes you just need mouthwash.

garter snake biting banana slug
Go, snake!

I came very close to stepping on a snake in our yard today. Biggish garter snake, about two feet long, but fairly well immobilized because it’d clamped onto a big banana slug.

It wasn’t going anywhere, and I was out taking pictures, so I took a picture of the snake. It was all rather messy, what with the slug slime. The slug had bunched up to make itself as BIG as possible, and the snake’s chances of gulping it down were looking doubtful. (Though I know they can get amazing things down, and if a python can swallow a nice bony goat I suppose even a really big banana slug isn’t really that much challenge—it’s not like they can’t be squooshed to fit.)

At any rate, the snake decided it didn’t like having its photo taken and let go of the slug. It didn’t seem very happy about the mouthful of slime either, and there was a bit of jaw stretching, presumably attempting to spit it out or possibly swallow it. It didn’t appear to have been very successful at either when I took my last photo. (But what a pretty pink the inside of its mouth was—too bad I didn’t get a picture of that.)

garter snake with mouthful of slug slime

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