Pink weeds… er, wildflowers

Dovesfoot geranium, Geranium molle

Our yard has a lot of “weeds”. Good thing I like them. (To be honest, wildflowers are often prettier than cultivars, just a lot smaller.) And really, half of our place is half wild by intention. (Though even the cultivated areas have their weeds—buttercups taking over the lawn, I’m looking at you.)

So a selection from the wilder areas: the first picture is Dovesfoot geranium (Geranium molle). There’s LOTS of this around, pretty and a very vibrant pink.

Montia parvifolia

Littleleaf montia (Montia parvifolia). This is spreading a matt of itself over a mossy section layered on sandstone rock by the far fence. It’s much more subtle in its colouring but very pretty en masse.

western starflower Trientalis latifolia 1

Western starflower (Trientalis latifolia). I was delighted when I realized we had this. According to Pojar & MacKinnon, “Trientalis species are called starflowers because the flower stalks are very thin, leaving the flowers apparently hanging in the air like tiny woodland stars.” You get a sense of that in the next picture.


It’s generally very pale, or even seems white, but sometimes it can get quite pink.

And I’ll close off with another of the geranium, because, wow, colour combination.

closeup of dovesfoot geranium


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