An excursion

tidal inlet

Every once in a while we leave our island and go Somewhere Else; this was one of those days. Weather a bit iffy, but on the whole good, mostly cloud to keep us cool with occasional sunny breaks later to cheer us. We took our bikes on a foot ferry to Newcastle Island, a provincial park, and rode around the whole thing (well, as much as was designated bike trail). At one point we dumped the bikes and took our panniers (memo to self: use backpack next time) to a beach where we ate granola bars (or in my case, a muffin) and whistled at a raccoon that hadn’t looked around to see who was there when it came onto the beach. (Much startlement!) Then we ambled with our bikes to a viewpoint and finished lunch. Then we headed home and the brief rain just missed us.

marsh grass

These pictures are from a little mini-inlet that runs from ocean into a saltgrass meadow. I was quite taken by the grass, which looked astonishingly like someone had given it a bad haircut. There were a couple of nondescript brown birds running around in the grass; I’m not positive as I didn’t have binos but I think they were cowbirds. There were also three killdeer on the mud, with much birdy yelling—I suspect a youngun asking for food and parents saying “You’re on your own now, kiddo.”

looking out at the ocean with the city in the distance

A lovely day altogether.

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