Going slow

shady trail through woods with golden retriever
This is where we go for bike rides. Aren’t we lucky?

It’s hard to be a longhaired dog on a warm day. Especially when you’re nine and don’t have the energy you used to. Especially when you really, really WANT TO GO FOR A WALK and your people want to go for a bike ride.

So compromises get made. The bikes go, but they go very slowly.

dog drinking from cloth water bowl
There are frequent stops for short rest and water breaks and everyone has their own water dish.

We stop for a loooonnnnng rest at the lookout. That way the people can eat an energy bar and look at the flowers.

field of daisies
Daisies! Invasive, but awfully pretty.

While the humans are doing silly things like taking pictures (well, one human) the dog gets to relax in the shade. (And maybe be a bit goofy and eat a stick that was home to a bunch of ants.)


It works out for everyone.

happy golden retriever
See? I told you you’d be happier if you took me with you.

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