Yard mods


2 guys shoving tree debris into a chipper

A busy day today. The Limber Tree Service came and took out two pines that were leaning over the house, and cut back a whack of the weeping willow*. (There’s lots more to do, but it’s a good start; the rest will wait till the fall sometime.) We ended up with an ginormous pile of chips (look at them flying out the end of the chipper! whee!), so our yardwork regimen for some time to come will involve moving wheelbarrows of them to mulch garden beds and paths.

What with the new vistas and the mulch, everything will look MUCH different.

*And what did we do while they worked their butts off? We rode our bikes from one end of the island to the other and had lunch on the patio at Silva Bay.


5 thoughts on “Yard mods

  1. Yay! Someone else doing Yard Mods. Nice that they left the chips. Betcha feel better with those trees gone.

  2. Oh we heard them making your yard all purty! I was hoping they would drop the chips off at our place! Nice to get all that work done. GG

    1. NOOOOO!!! (wraps arms around chips protectively)

      But yes, we were very happy to get the work done too. They also chipped the stuff we’d collected over the winter from various tree damage and cutting back that I’d already done, so bonus happiness! Piles in the yard will be put to good use instead of turning into fire hazards!

      1. Okay, okay, I won’t touch your chips!! LOL! I am horribly jealous though… I don’t need Limber at the moment but I could sure use some chips, I guess I’ll have to buy some….
        Also, I was so happy as you were to get rid of those trees that came down over the winter… love our neighbour & his tractor! GG

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