Sleepy bees

2 bees on thistle flower 1

Bumblebees often seem to settle for the night wherever they are when it gets too cold for them to fly—I found 3 on irises I was deadheading recently—and the other day I found these little guys in an early morning meadow. It was a great opportunity, as bees are usually there and gone before I can get the camera focused. 

2 bees on thistle flower 2
Nice wings!

It was such a great opportunity that I got quite carried away with taking pictures.

bee on thistle flower 1

bee on thistle flower 2

The sun was just reaching them, so they soon started to move, and their first action was to gather pollen from the flower they’d overnighted on.

2 bees on thistle flower 3

bee on thistle flower
King of the castle

4 thoughts on “Sleepy bees

  1. I’ve run across several bees sleeping on flowers when I’m out bug hunting after dark. It’s quite disconcerting to see them, but I’m happy to see any bees. Good photos!

    1. It’s even more disconcerting when you’re reaching for that bunch of flowers! Or as I once encountered (OW) during an early-morning pick, bunch of blueberries.

      Er… exactly what kind of bugs do you hunt after dark? And with what weaponry?

      1. I really should do a blog entry about my “bug hunting” I go out after dark, which is past my bedtime lately… ;) Armed with a head lamp & a yogurt container filled with salted soapy water & a spoon. Then pick off weevils, earwigs, slugs & june bugs which are decimating all the leaves & new veggie shoots in my garden. I’ve picked hundreds over the last few years & still have ratty leaves on everything! Oh well… one of the “joys” of gardening. GG

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