What we did on our (long weekend) vacation

Bevan Bartlett, Princeton Traditional Music Festival

Went to the Princeton Traditional Music Festival, of course. You should definitely add it to your list of Things To Do in the summer; it’s free and loads of fun. Everything from traditional British folk music to 1930s Argentinian tango to a Balkan brass band.

And of course a great time was had by all—music, old friends, music, new friends…. Sang myself hoarse at the Saturday night party (you know the shanty singing is loud when it makes waves run through your beer).

I didn’t take many pictures of the festival itself, as I was not carrying camera equipment conducive to that kind of photography, but this is a picture of my buddy Bevan Bartlett making his festival debut; he did a great job.

On the other hand, I could and did take pictures of what we did first thing every morning before things started up at 10: take our bikes out for an early ride. Princeton is by the Trans Canada Trail, which runs along the old Kettle Valley Railway line. The first morning we did an excursion by the Tulameen River, past the tunnel between the Tulameen and Similameen,

1000 foot tunnel

past the Red Ochre Bluffs,

red ochre bluffs

till we encountered the mud and mini-landslides, at which point we turned back.

big mud hole on trail

There had been a thunderstorm through, evidently, dropping enough rain to make some talus sluff off and turn dips into mudholes. The mud was the kind that attaches three inches of itself to you and refuses to let go, which is why we turned back at that point. Also, we didn’t want to miss any music!

The next day we rode the other direction, first over the Tulameen River footbridge (unlike the fawn that crossed while we were crossing—it took the main car bridge beside the footbridge, eep!)

Tulameen River

and then up, up, up…. slow but steady, past Swan Lake and toward the Jura Loops.

KVR trail between pine trees

We eventually turned around at a lovely viewpoint where the trail crossed a road—time to head back for the music.

rangeland and ranch

(It was much faster coming back. Railways going up into hills or mountains don’t have much of a grade, but it was enough to coast most of going down.)

And then on Monday as we headed home we stopped at Manning Park to ride on the trails between Monument 83 trailhead and the Windy Joe trailhead.

trail through trees

The mountain pine beetle has left a lot of standing dead trees in the park—and eventually, of course, fallen ones.

deadfall across trail

After we entered this section of the trail things got more… interesting. We turned around at the seventh big deadfall; our arms were getting more of a workout lifting the bikes over them than our legs were getting pedalling, and it looked like the trail conditions were going to get worse. But we did see a moose, so the ride paid off even if it wasn’t terribly long.

And now, home. I think I need a few more days off to recover from our holiday.


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  1. Always a sign of a good vacation (even a short one) is when you need to come home & recover!! Glad you had a great time!

    1. Thanks GG! (And it was so good to know our kitties had a regular visitor to check on them, even if they chose to be Invisible Kitties™ for the duration—VERY much appreciated.)

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