The U-shaped trail

mark of something through deep soft mud

Left by a small dog who has discovered that green duckweed over very deep soft mud is not solid like green grass.


2 thoughts on “The U-shaped trail

  1. V. funny, the little guy much have looked a little messy when returning from the U-shaped sojourn. I once had a dog who thought lily pads were an extension of the path we were on and she jumped down joyfully from a rock onto them, the shocked expression on her face when she just kept going down was something to behold. A wet but chagrined dog made her way back to shore, soaked from head to tip of tail!

    1. Well, it was a black dog, so there wasn’t a huge difference visually. But he was put under the hose asap. We were just glad he was able to get out on his own!

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