New trails

green flagging tape hanging from a branch
The important thing about hiking on a new trail seems to be a good ability to spot green flagging tape.

This has been our week for exploring new trails. A few days ago we hiked the new trail in Cox Park, and today I decided to take Our Dog out on the new trails in the Haven Woods, which just opened up to the public with the acquisition of a GALTT trail licence.

We’d already been on trails there a week or so ago, and had explored quite a bit. But there’s a side trail marked on the map that would make a good loop, so I went looking for it. I didn’t find the end closest to King Road, but I found the other end.

woodland trail with flagging tape in the distance
See the tape? Yes, it’s about that easy to see in real life.

It’s very pretty. In this part it’s actually fairly easy to see the trail itself as the trail had been cleared a bit.

Other parts aren’t quite so easy to follow, though the trail is usually more or less visible once you see where the flagging tape is pointing you…

woods with flagging tape and no apparent trail
Er, trail?

Eventually the trail decanted me into a clearing with some lovely big old maples.

bigleaf maple

After that came fifteen minutes of looking for the next piece of flagging tape; I did find it eventually, but the route had degraded into an overgrown deer trail and it was clear that major bushwhacking would have to happen. I considered doing it, but within 50 feet fell flat on my face in dense salal because I couldn’t see where I was putting my feet. (Luckily dense salal makes a nice bouncy floor to land on.) So at that point I decided discretion was the better part of valour and retraced my steps.

I understand there’s a GALTT workparty to clear the rest of this trail this coming weekend. I’m looking forward to exploring the whole thing once it’s a little easier to navigate. It’s a lovely walk.


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