Extreme closeup of fruitfly
Original photo by John Tann, CC by 2.0

Some days I feel like I have the mind of a fruitfly. I wander around the house muttering, “Where the !@#$!!! did I put _____?” I walk into a room and think, “Why did I come into this room?” I frequently forget to do things. (I mark things on my calendar but forget to look at it.) I start wondering what the signs of dementia are.

And then there are days like those I had this week. I was asked by a potential client if I had the skills to do something. This was something I’d never done, and involved using software I’d never used, so I downloaded the trial version of the software and took a look at it. I decided that in order to use a particular technique I needed another piece of software, and bought it. And then downloaded a third program because somehow the one I’d used for that task previously had had that functionality deleted from its last iteration (Apple, I’m looking at you).

So in the end: in 2.5 days, I figured out how to use 3 software programs that I had never touched before, and demonstrated that I was capable of using a variety of techniques to get the results I wanted. After all those days of feeling like I’m mentally losing it, it’s nice to have a day of “I rock!”


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