From the world pool: October 12, 2014

Lots of stuff this week.


Why sexual assault survivors stay quiet: a short cartoon summary by Jim Hines.

Trouble at the Koolaid Point, by Kathy Sierra: a chilling summary of one woman’s experience of online harassment and how the harasser ended up being the person who got far too much public support.

And… the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing convention happened this weekend. Someone thought it was a good idea to run a “male allies” panel, with top level execs from Google, Facebook, Intuit and GoDaddy (!!!) to talk about what women should do to make tech more welcoming to them. There is a pretty typical response from an attendee here and a summary of what happened afterwards here.

But here’s the best part. The whole thing provided a great demo of how backchannel chat (on Twitter under the hashtag #ghcmanwatch, storified here) can provide more pithy (and more snarky, and more amusing) content than a panel itself. A lot can go on under the “official” radar: activists handed out a satirical bingo card to attendees on their way in to the event, and the attendees carefully checked things off on it until someone did actually yell “Bingo!” in the middle of the panel.


The typography of speed (if you can’t make a good font you can’t design cars, and other unexpected lessons from BMW)


The Hidden Costs of E-books at University Libraries (via nina de jesus)  


Photos of a beloved bull terrier. MY pets aren’t this amiable about posing.

For some reason the term “Social Justice Warrior,” applied to anyone who promotes equality of opportunity for all people, has become a pejorative in certain parts of the internet, especially the part inhabited by traditional macho gamers. It has kind of backfired, as people who support equality are generally proud to claim the title. Hence these SJW buttons—well, actually they’re for a whole range of RPG character classes…  Personally, I want to be a Social Justice Rogue.

A Polyphonic overtone singing demonstration  (via TiroTypeworks)

And some commercials:

For a cell phone.

For Caterpillar.

For, um, Carrot.




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  1. Nola,

    I want you to know how much I enjoy your blogs. Your photos are great and your commentary and links are some of the best I read during the day.


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