Bet you don’t know what this is.

small bit of light on paper

See that little crescent that’s lighter than the rest? That’s  a solar eclipse, that is. I used a pinhole in one piece of paper to focus light on a second sheet; it effectively creates a pinhole camera that projects the somewhat fuzzy shape of the occluded sun, inverted.

It’s a quick and dirty handheld solution which I used because I suddenly remembered  that the eclipse was happening, checked online to find out when, and discovered that maximum occlusion was supposed to be 2:58 pm. It was then 3:04, so I needed to move fast. But hey, it worked!

As for the light, well, it was a bit more subdued and golden than is usual at that time of day, but to be honest, if I hadn’t known there was an eclipse happening I probably wouldn’t have noticed anything.

A lovely golden evening... or afternoon eclipse
A lovely golden evening… or afternoon eclipse

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