From the world pool: October 25th, 2014

Lots of stuff this week.

Socio-political analysis

An interesting Mother Jones article: “Big Sugar’s Sweet Little Lies: how the sugar industry kept scientists from asking: Does sugar kill?

Chris Kluwe: “Why #gamergaters piss me the f*** off.” Full of creative invective such as “slackjawed pickletit,” this is the most artistic rant I’ve read in years. But imagine what would happen if a woman wrote it.

More than my pain.” Game designer Mattie Bryce on the interactions between online hate campaigns and the responses to them as reality TV: an insightful analysis.

But what about the men? On masculinity and mass shootings.” An analysis by Meghan Murphy of “toxic masculinity” and the public invisibility of gendered violence.

Food for thought

The Revelations of Marilynne Robinson. (via @ChrisBoese)

“I hate to say it, but I think a default posture of human beings is fear.” …Fear has, in this moment, a respectability I’ve never seen in my life.” The article is mostly about the author and her work, but those statements really struck me.

Pair this with Ursula K. Le Guin on Private Anger.


The Evolution Door (via @ChrisBoese)

Quill – Books before print. “If you love old books, you’ve come to the right place.”

The first female typographer.  

How Did the Meadow Vole Cross the Road?  Design thinking leads to animal shelving: adding catwalks for small animals within culverts.

Just for fun

Beast: restaurant review. “If Beast were a chap, he would be a part-time rugby player smelling of Ralgex who’s trying to tell you he’s deep and thoughtful, even though he’ll later be implicated in an incident involving a traffic cone and a pint glass of his own urine.” If restaurant reviews are often this snarky and funny I’ll have to read them more often. (Via Twitter)   

Typewriter-parts cat, and the artist Jeremy Mayer’s website.

Now here’s something cool that I have included a whole clutch of links for. Do you recall the Sultan’s Elephant, a big dramatic multi-day giant puppet performance in London by a French puppeteering company? This is similar, but also by a French company: La Machine. (What is it about the French and wonderful giant puppets?) This performance is in Beijing and involves a spider and a dragon-horse.

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