frost on edge of dead cedar branch

We’ve had a run of sunny, cold days for quite a while now, and with the temperatures dipping well below freezing we’ve had persistant frost.

frost on branches and leaves
A tree came down in our yard last winter, and there’s still quite a bit of litter from that, collecting autumn leaves: perfect for frost.

This is frost that doesn’t melt away, but rather grows on itself (and everything else). Part of our back yard is damp and open but with very little direct sunlight at this time of year, a perfect recipe for growing frost. I’ve been having fun photographing it.

frost closeup 1

frost closeup 2

frost closeup 3

It’s nothing like the three inches of hoarfrost I found once on a sunny day crosscountry skiing—these crystals are about half an inch long—but it’s doing it’s best.

frost closeup 4


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